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Digital Analytics Consulting Services

We will help you get up to speed with Google Analytics regarding the activity on your website, in multiple marketing channels, on your social media accounts, and with any web apps you have deployed.

In our consulting we will train you in how to use Google Analytics, setup Google Analytics for your specific requirements, help you understand what Google Analytics is telling you about your online business, or train your employees.

Our sessions will be private consultations using the phone, Skype, or video chat.

Analytics Consulting 90 minutes


Analytics Consulting 180 minutes


Analytics Consulting 6 one hour sessions


Analytics Consulting 12 one hour sessions

Steu Mann has been instrumental in enhancing the visibility of our website around the globe. Because of Steu's technical expertise, our website is now not only more visible, but also more functional and complete. He gave our site depth, beauty, and made it come alive. We appreciate Steu's special gifts.
Rebecca Smith Orleane & Cullen Baird Smith

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