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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting Services

SEO is accomplished on a local basis or on a national basis.

The foundation work here is keyword targeting with focus. We do the research to find the best performing keywords in your industry and assign them to the appropriate pages on your website. Those are the keywords that drives the organic search results and the sales.

The number one goal of every SEO effort is to maximize your organic listings that are displayed on the the first page of search results (FPSR).

We deliver a customized report and discuss the implementation steps, along with assisting you in establishing a method to measure SEO results.

Our sessions will be private consultations using the phone, Skype, or video chat.

SEO Consulting 90 minutes


SEO Consulting 180 minutes


SEO Consulting 6 one hour sessions


SEO Consulting 12 one hour sessions

Your SEO work has put me on the first page of the search results - thanks. I am getting calls from new clients almost every day. When I ask them how they found me, they tell me on Google using their phone. I appreciate your work !
Mike, Yell Oh Taxi

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