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We provide web developer services and expertise to design, publish, and maintain a professional website, along with services to automate your online workflow.

Customized web apps provide workflow automation to your online business. We have web apps you can purchases, along with services to build and deploy customized web apps.

The number one goal of every business website is to produce organic listings on the first page of search engine results and showcase your business.

There are five distinct methods to building and sustaining an online business website.

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.

Tuning Your Digital Intelligence

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10 Content Marketing Facts To Boost Online Marketing

Five Steps: How To Create Your Business Web Site

#1 Choose and register your domain name. Google Domains is propibaly the least expensive “domain registrar” service. Many people use go-Daddy, but they do charge you based on itemized services and Google Domains does not. For example, Google Domains does not charge your for email accounts and Go-Daddy does. The domain of your website, mybusiness.com, is your property.

#2 Find a hosting service. Be careful of website hosting services offering you a free domain. Many times they own that domain. A web site host is a service that makes your web pages available, published, to the entire internet. A typical annual fee for hosting a web site on a quality server is $100 (USD) and that includes c-Panel access, unlimited databases, and files redirection control.

#3 Choose a platform. First choice is are you going to develop your own content or hire someone to do that? For example, Wordpress is a popular platform for DIY websites. Most any hosting service can do a w wordpress site, but you can also directly to wordpress.com and build your site there. Generally speaking, the fee to service ration is higher and wordpress.com versus a generic hosting service.

There are many platforms, aka web site builders, available besides wordpress. Some other include WIX.com, web.com, weekly.com, joomla.com, shoppes.com, bigcommerce.com, squarespace.com, and there are others. Many of these platforms tout there is no experience required. But, be aware that there will be a learning curve in each one.

You can also purchase software to build your own web site. One is Dream Weaver by Adobe. Another is Rapid Weaver by real Mac Software.

In some cases you will need an FTP program to transfer feels form your computer to your web host service. Filezilla and Cyber Duck are two reliable, free FTP programs.

When hiring a service to develop your site, you want to use the expertise they have in design and marketing. Talk with them about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, results they have achieved for other clients. Remember, the number one goal of any web site, for any business, is to produce organic listings.

#4 Design your web page template. Take the time to design a web page look and feel that is appealing and consistent. Be sure to include videos. Build links into your pages that build your reputation in the eyes of the search engine bots. Provide viewer engagement opportunities, known as a Call To Action which can be a simple button.

#5 Do your research on the best SEO, Search Engine Optimization, strategy.

Pros & Cons Of Building Your Site


  • Learn Something New
  • Flexibility
  • Save Money


  • Time Consuming
  • Looks Unprofessional
  • Not a Unique Presentation
  • Doesn’t Work Properly

Beneifts Of A Business Web Site

A partial list of website tasks to can include web design, web content development, customs business application production, web server hosting including security configuration, and e-commerce development.

A web site builds credibility.
The easy understanding is that credibility means believability. Credible people are believable people; credible information is believable information. In fact, some languages use the same word for these two English terms.

Credibility demonstrates trust and expertise
The content naturally builds trustworthiness; an aspect of credibility capturing the perceived quality of your products/services. The expertise dimension of credibility helps readers understand and examine your knowledge and skill.

When the web site content has credibility then readers and site visitors are likely to take action.

When the web site content has credibility then readers and site visitors are likely to take action.

  • exchange information: email address
  • make an online purchase
  • fill out a survey
  • click on site links
  • contribute content to a community
  • download informational items
  • bookmark the site and return often

What Makes a Site More Trustworthy?

  • site has proven useful to you before.
  • site list physical address, email contact, and phone number
  • site is linked to other sites that are believable
  • site states it’s privacy policy
  • site is recommended by media and/or customers
~ Source: Stanford University Web Site Report

Build & Extend A Business Reputation

The stand alone reason most businesses pursue a website is to build their reputation.

Different people are affected by different things. For example, baby boomers may be influenced by a brand’s years of experience and the number of customers they’ve served. Generation Y may get a strong impression of a brand if they have a big Twitter or Facebook following. The senior age clients you have will prefer more detailed information and images/video to explore what you are offering.

A significant portion of any website endeavor is understanding who your clients are. the content on your web pages needs to be geared to your potential customers; aka your target market. When you understand the characteristics of your target market you provide content that will give them what they are expecting.

1. What research sources are best to base my developments upon?

2. What are the specific benefits of my products - what problems/issues do they solve?

3. How am I building my customer network?

4. How am I reaching my target audience?

5. What is the geographic target of my audience?

6. What are the methods to best automate my web work flow?

Five Online Business Tools
1. e-Newsletters
2. Produce a blog
3. Install a SSL certificate
4. Post a video a month
5. Call To Action clearly presented

Five Development Techniques
1. Include a podcast station
2. Responsive Web Design
3. Install Google Analytics
4. Research your SEO phrases
5. Keep your design simple

Five Marketing Ideas
1. Description Meta Tag
2. Writing Quality Content
SEO Your Web Pages
3. Using HTML5 tags
4. Use Free Local business Listings
5. Engage your readers

"4X as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it" ~ Animoto, 2015

Tuning Your Digital Intelligence

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