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SSL Certificate Installation - Special Offer

We will setup and install a FREE SSL certificate on your website from CloudFlare. That is correct, we will encrypt your website.

Submit the completed form below and receive this free certificate installation to encrypt your website permanently with no fees.

This offer is good when a website is purchased or website update is purchased. The setup and installation will be completed within one week of your website being published.

We look forward to speaking with you.

SSL Certificate HTTPS

The three reasons Google has for securing your website are:
1) Authentication
2) Data Integrity
3) Encryption

Authentication verifies the ownership of your website, because there are people out there who will make replicas of your website in an effort to steal from you. (Most people know to check for the green lock in the address bar before handing over their personal details.)

Data integrity means whether or not the data has been tampered with when it’s in transit. If someone knows your website isn’t secure, they can tamper with the data being transmitted.

Encryption is the security of the communications between the client and the server to make sure no one else can read them. It’s important to encrypt the data in forms, as well as credit card information for ecommerce sites.

Yes, Install A SSL Certficate On My Website

This offer is available to businesses and people that are not currently clients. The offer expires on September 30, 2018.

We always protect your privacy and your information is never sold, exchanged, or provided to other organizations or people.

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